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Partnering interests

Changing the way we look at consumer health

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As an entrepreneurial company we invest extensively in researching new product candidates, so we can create innovative and effective health products for treatment and prevention.

Changing the way we look at consumer health care
Our innovation goal is to ensure we remain at the forefront of development and technology and achieve our ambition of continuously delivering effective health solutions that improve patients’ lives and happiness. This means working closely with all stakeholders in the innovation circle. We are always looking forward to increasing our community of innovation partners so together we can more effectively change the way we look at consumer health care in the future.

Our partnering activities encompass:

  1. Focusing on the discovery and development of new and/or better products for customers in our areas of innovation.
  2. Developing unique formulations or ingredient combinations, orpackaging innovations that serve to complement our consumer health focus areas.
  3. Collaborating on joint ventures or co-development projects, strategic alliances in research, trademark licensing and in- or out-licensing of research or intellectual property.

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To discuss an innovation you’re interested in partnering on with Serrix Consumer Health, contact us.