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Quality & Production

Find out how we strengthen our business

How we do what we do, every day again.

Our starting point in everything we do and all our activities is about people. Their daily needs and requirements to achieve a healthy and happy life are our inspiration to provide innovative products of the highest quality.

By continiously improving our working methods and our products, we create safe and effective treatments.

Serrix is committed about being a responsible company by making meaningful decisions on quality, process and production. We strive to source our products responsibly whenever we can and take our share in caring for the environment. As well as caring for the health and well-being of our own people, our customers and associates by providing training and information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Quality as well as safety are of great importance to us at Serrix. To ensure the highest quality of our finished products and maximal satisfaction of our distributors and product consumers, we work together with accredited microbiological labs. Products are thoroughly tested for ingredient homogeneity, ingredient levels, weight, hardness, thickness, stability, dissolution, integrity, non-toxicity. Our production plants are continiously under microbiological monitoring.