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Imagination plus innovation
equals realization

As a dynamic and well-established company, the discovery and development of innovative health solutions is fundamental to our continued growth and success.

With a commitment to innovation our continued performance depends on two factors: extraordinary brands and outstanding people.

Through collaboration, we’re able to help each other and do more together. We push the boundaries to deliver health-changing brands. Our own expertise combined with a dynamic research approach and an increased emphasis on external collaborations means we can effectively incubate the most creative ideas and be among the pioneers in emerging fields of consumer health care. From first discovery until the development of an adaptable health care product is a long and challenging way. It can take about 1 to 3 years from discovery until an approved OTC product makes it way to customers through pharmacies and drugstores.

We welcome your new product ideas and innovative solutions. We value our external partners and are always looking to establish new relationships.

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