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What we have instore for you

Serrix is a well-established health care company in the OTC market of central and eastern Europe, with business activities and development in the wider regions of Europe and CSI.

We welcome you to join our distribution team
Over 2/3 of our sales is realized in foreign markets and our international sales are constantly growing. With our primary focus on development, sales and marketing we are constantly updating and improving our product portfolio in order to meet the changing needs in health care of our consumers worldwide, every day. We are continuously investing in quality control procedures and research & development.

Why choose us?

  1. You can take advantage from our formula of plug and play branded OTC products.
  2. Our support in marketing strategy development, tool box and best practices based on forecast for easy application locally to your market.
  3. Within the EU you can benefit from our expertise in product registration and fast access to the market. Outside the EU we offer support in product registration.
  4. By sharing our know-how and offering personalized brand and product training we maximize your efficiency and profitability with the Serrix brands.
  5. A long-term partnership with us will assure your sustainable growth and profit, relying on the support of an entrepreneurial and dynamic health care company.

Together, we can accelerate the process of developing new consumer healthcare products, from testing to commercialization.

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