The values of Serrix summarize what we stand for and we focus on

Deliver the WOW factor

Last but not least is our ambition to be the best and exceed expectations in everything we do. In Serrix company, executive teams strive to constantly improve, never be complacent, always try to broaden our skills, improve the quality of our work, and come up with new ideas. We encourage this spirit, this thirst for progress, among all of our associates.

Be compassionate while fulfilling your passion

Our organizational structure is decentralized, which fosters efficiency, productivity, and creativity. This type of organization is highly motivating and dynamic. It encourages individual initiative and offers real responsibilities – sometimes early on in one’s career. It requires highly entrepreneurial executive teams in each subsidiary.

Constantly pursue growth and learning

The success of our new products and our organisation rests squarely with the development of us an individuals and as a team.  This dual value – individual and team growth – is a priority for all of us. It is the foundation of the continuation of success.

Embrace every problem as it is an opportunity to be creative and to innovate

The customer is always your first and most important creative challenge. Listen! Try to understand the customer’s problems and needs from his point of view. Remember that effective market research and sales strategy requires just as much creativity as the product development.



'We simply love what we do.'
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